Unintended Benefits

Those of you following my journey know that I’ve been advising some small companies in the world of product and marketing.   I’ve literally worked my way through the last 20 years with virtually no time off from corporate America  for “exploration”. (Unless you count two maternity leaves and a hip replacement).

People have been asking me what I’m actually doing for them. Well…. It depends. Product Roadmaps. Marketing Plans. Creative Review. Websites. Customer Acquisition. Partner Pitches. Investor Prep. Competitive Strategy.  Introductions.

I’ve been blown away by the energy, passion, and joy that the many entrepreneurs I’ve met are bringing to the party.   I know that I’m supposed to be advising them, but I find that they’re advising me …. Without even knowing it. Today’s entry is dedicated to them.

To Marilou and Kathy at Vivo Girl Sports. You are so optimistic, but not afraid to ask for help. You make me proud to work on a project that will improve the lives of teenage girls.

To Brian at Kidlandia.  Your optimism is infectious, you’ve built a great product and a great team.  Way to share your vision.

To Geoff at Unnamed New Company.   You know no boundaries, but you’re realistic. You debate, but listen. You’re always looking for answers.

To David at Unnamed New Company #2.   You’ve got a great product, but  you never lose sight of the business model.

To  another David at Company I Want to Start Advising.  Amazing ideas, great ability to tell a story.  Laser focus.

Wish us luck!