Blogging, 1 year later. Still on The Next Big Thing.

Forgive me blog for I have sinned. It’s been 3 months since my last post.  How did that happen? I’ve had something to say every day, but somehow, I couldn’t commit it to my blog. Until today. When the CEO of a company I really respect called me up and said “I was reading your blog” …. And a moment of panic set in …. “you mean the blog I haven’t posted on since September?”

So here we are. January 14. Nearly a year since I started the blog ….which was focused on Thinking about the Next Big Thing.

Here’s some Big Things I thought about in 2010:

1.     Social Games.  Spent real money buying a virtual Cathedral for my City, a Corvette for my Sorority Girl, and a whole lot of seeds for my Farm. Realized there was a big business here, but it wasn’t really gaming like I thought.

2.     iPhone.  Like High Heeled Shoes, it looks pretty, but hurts like heck when I use it. Dropped calls. Mystery voice mails when the phone never rang, but quite simply the center of my work/life universe.

3.     Mobile Games.  A refrigerator that’s always full where most of the food is free. Angry Birds. Tapulous. Scrabble. I started wishing the flight from Oakland to Burbank was longer.

4.     Facebook. Truly the single best way to stay connected with anyone – and a direct line into what all the college kids in my family are into.

5.     Education. After seeing “Waiting for Superman” I fully realized that the business of learning is where I want to be.

6.     Start-ups.  I advised several small companies and got inspired by the founders, the ideas, and the positive energy in starting something new.

7.     eBooks. I stopped buying real books, downloaded Barnes & Noble for iPad and starting reading 3 books concurrently. Just amazing to think what this will mean for the book business.

8.     Fundraising. I met a lot of VCs.  Most of them were wearing Khaki pants and blue shirts, went to Stanford/MIT/Harvard and “liked my idea”.

9.     Apps. FourSquare . Groupon. LoseIt!, Flixster, Instagram, LinkedIn, TripIt – life made better for free.

10. Video Games. The business was down 5% in 2010. It’s not the economy. It’s a radical change in the way consumers think about and play games. Realize that items #1 – #9 may have something to do with that.

I’m now Working on the Next Big Thing. You can read my next blog post to find out what that is.   Happy 2011!