The daily read ….

I just switched to the new and improved “My Yahoo” home page , which involved re-setting all my bookmarks. This got me reviewing all the news sources that I’ve collected and thinking about what I’m actually reading and where.  I put myself on a news “diet” and eliminated all but my essential reads. Here’s what and why:

Huffington Post.  I don’t always agree with the politics, but the wide range of topics on everything from Media to Tech to Business to College is usually interesting and I love the real time “letters to the editors” feel that the communities deliver.  I also like the Daily Briefing on topics of my choice.

Tech Crunch.   Great place to see what’s happening in the tech world – start-up and otherwise.  I always learn something new here.  Where else can you find a headline like “Playspan Partners with Snoop Dogg to Sell Celebrity Branded Virtual Goods”? I love the drama of Apple vs. Adobe. Google vs. Microsoft. Twitter vs. Facebook that only a tech blog can capture.

New York Times. Still a must read. I can rely on the NYT to cover all the big topics and come up with an angle on something I hadn’t thought about. Such as “how to avoid Prom Dress disasters”.

Gamespot. You can take the girl out of gaming, but you can’t take gaming out of the girl. I still find this the best place to find out what games are hot and what gamers are saying.

All Things Digital.  I find this the best single place to find out what’s happening the world of digital content – ebooks, video games, distribution, media, social networking.  I catch Walt Mossberg’s tech column here.

Brandweek.  This is the digital version of the magazine (not sure if they still print it) that covers all things branding and marketing.  Good coverage of what’s happening with the world’s biggest brands, agencies, and innovations in advertising and communication. Must-read for    marketing types who care about Starbuck’s new ad agency and the rebranding of Radio Shack.

People Magazine.  Enough Said.

Of course, there’s many ways I love to cheat such as  Mashable, The Onion, Inside Social Apps, EOnline, Wired, Food Network, etc, but they’re not “bookmark-worthy” for my news diet.

Is there anything you can’t live without?

Happy Reading.