My customer acquisition

Now that I’m a marketing gun-for-hire I’m talking to a wide range of companies serving up various kinds of content experiences. Companies that make games. Companies that provide services. Companies that connect people. Companies that educate people. Companies that build communities.  Every meeting starts with the same conversation ….. what’s your objective?  what do you want your company to be? what do you want from marketing?   what problem are you trying to solve?  I’ve been surprised that the answer’s always the same : Customer Acquisition.  They want to grow the customer base. More people installing the app, playing the game, becoming a fan, inviting friends, engaging in the community, etc.  “I can help you do that!” ,  I say enthusiastically.  Because as a savvy marketer with the right skills, I can, but is that enough?    I’ve been curious  that no one’s asking to grow brand awareness.  This has made me wonder whether   brand awareness is somewhat passe in the Facebook world  where a referral from a friend is reason enough to try something new.  Trying something new is easy when it’s free and unique, but I suspect it won’t be so easy to grow once consumers become more savvy about viral marketing programs and advertising is ubiquitous.

This brings me back to brand awareness. It’s only logical that the pure web businesses will need to think about building their brand in all facets from customer experience to content.  And it’s only logical that an improved customer experience creates more engaged consumers …. the definition of brand building.  This is a classic chicken-and-egg  for marketers – thinking about connected goals –  huge customer growth and a well defined and visible brand.

In the meantime, I’m still focused  on my own “customer acquisition”.