Curious about creatives

Three days in New York, 15 meetings with creative types. Game Designers. Branding Developers. IP Consultants. TV Creators. Art Directors. All guys. All developers of some of the most well known kids product (all kinds) and advertising on the planet. I don’t get it. Where were all the dynamic, amazing, creative women? Go figure that the creative develoment kids business is dominated by men. Men with children, but men nonetheless. How did this happen?

Last week I sat in a product meeting run by a group of amazing game development execs at an independent developer. All women. All specialists in developing great kids games. One of my colleagues (a guy) said to the head creative “do you think a team of all women designers can effectively design for boys?” Seriously.

Hard to imagine anyone asking all the guys I met this week if they could effectively design for girls.

Let’s do something about this. If you’ve got daughters, keep them enrolled in Art. Promote Creative Writing. Inspire them to Make Stuff. And Praise and Motivate the heck out of them.

This post is for Shara, Tanya, Stacey, Petrina, Melanee, Maureen, Mad, Antonia, Laura, Sara, Lauren, Patty, Cara, Gano, Ann, Alyssa, Megan and all the other super creatives I know. Rock on ladies!