Back to School with Facebook

8 of my mom’s 10 grandchildren are now college aged. 7 are actually in college at school’s as diverse as Towson University, San Diego State, Tulane University, Salisbury State, and University of Oregon. The 8th grandson is off to the Marines, where he’ll spend the next 3 months in basic training at Camp Lejune.

All the cousins have kept in touch over Facebook from the beginning, but none of the parents or grandparents (other than me, because I am “cool Aunt Nancy Gail”). They’ve followed all the milestones – boyfriends, breakups, prom, graduation, stupid parent escapades. They’ve shared all the crazy family photos that only another MacIntyre could really appreciate.

This summer, 4 of 8 cousins all prepared for college (and the Marines). My mom, aged 74 realized Facebook was the answer. She could follow her grandkids no matter where they were and never have to rely on the Sunday night phone call or worse, a text message to find out how they were.  So she signed up all on her own. She’s at 40 friends and counting. She’s figured out how to post and tag photos. How to comment on news feeds. How to post regular status updates. How to “like” something. And most importantly, how to tell the kids she’s thinking of them and find out almost instantaneously that they’re thinking of her.  Pretty cool.

I just finished reading The Facebook Effect. Very interesting read.  Wherever the genesis of the idea for Facebook came from or how it developed, clearly Mark Zuckerberg’s vision of a platform that connected people in a meaningful way is realized.

I’d love to see our parent’s generation embrace Facebook – it could be an amazing experience for grandparents everywhere.

If you’ve got a great family Facebook story, I want to hear it.