Meet for Coffee?

Today I had coffee in  The Depot in Mill Valley next to a guy who looked exactly like his Bull Dog . Actually, he looked exactly like Winston Churchill, who looked kind of like a Bull Dog. The man was conducting a job interview for a personal assistant. My guess is that dog walking was part of the job description.

This got me thinking about all the places I’ve been meeting people.  Here’s some of my more memorable and favorite  spots ….

Crossroads Café. Delancey Street San Francisco. Also a combo bookstore and café. The place doesn’t have Wifi, which is super annoying, but they do have great soup and super comfy couches perfect for meeting the guy who will a) design your website b) write your living will c) sell you Giants tickets off Craig’s List.

Starbucks. Menlo Park. Down the street from Sandhill Road, this place is crawling with entrepreneurs putting finishing touches on their pitches in preparation for VC meetings. They card you at the door to make sure you’ve attended Stanford, Harvard, MIT, or Cal.

Town Hall. Howard Street, San Francisco. This is one of my favorite restaurants. Amazingly good New Orleans style cooking made with California fresh ingredients. In the past 3 months I’ve eaten there 8 times and never had to pay ☺ That’s one benefit to eating with heads of business development, investors, and agents.

Bucks. Woodside. My CTO introduced me to this place. They actually have a lobster quesadilla on the menu, which is amazing plus the hostess’ name is Nancy. Last week I ate there with one of the founder’s of The Learning Company and was super inspired.

The Grove. Mission Street, San Francisco. Love this place. It reminds me of a the cafeteria at Stowe Mountain, Vermont minus the hot chocolate and clomping ski boots. Developers seem to like to meet here. It’s an art trying to do a demo while balancing your bowl of oatmeal and vanilla latte, but business gets done here.

Sears Fine Foods. Powell Street, San Francisco. This place is an historic landmark known for it’s Swedish Pancakes. When people come to town and stay at the Westin St. Francis or Sir Francis Drake, this is where they want to meet. The tables are squeezed really close together. Last time I was there the tourists at the next table listened to my whole pitch and actually took a picture of me demoing.

Honorable mentions to: SFO Airport Marriott (convenient and wifi), Mel’s Diner on Lombard Street (nice booth to demo in + free diet coke refills), Dish in Mill Valley (can walk there from my house), Starbucks Anywhere (obviously).

Where’s your favorite meeting spot?