About Me

I’ve had an amazing career so far!  Since 1992 I’ve worked in Gaming and Toys  – both retail and online. I spent 12 years in video and online gaming at  Broderbund Software, Hasbro Interactive, Atari, and LucasArts. I’ve  launched 11 #1 game brands and was named one of the Top 100 Women in Gaming in 2006. My products have generated over $3 billion in sales.

My start was at Broderbund Software where I managed retail customers like Wal*Mart and Best  Buy.  I joined Hasbro Interactive at start-up stage, and led sales efforts to the mass market. When Hasbro Interactive was acquired by Atari,  I capitalized on a  strong product sense,  shifted to Vice President of Marketing and led efforts for family and kids games including best sellers like Monopoly, Frogger, and Roller Coaster Tycoon.  By 2005, I’d been bitten by the online gaming bug and moved to LucasArts to be the GM for Online.  I was quickly promoted to Vice President of Global Sales & Marketing and led the launch of  bestseller Lego Star Wars.

My last corporate gig was Executive Vice President of Product Innovation and Marketing at LeapFrog Enterprises, the leader in interactive games, books, and toys. Over 3 years I led efforts to Rebuild Reading, Expand Gaming, and Refresh the Brand, resulting in LeapFrog being the #1 brand for learning and play by December 2009.

Companies bring me in when they want to start something new or re-start something that’s broken.  In February 2010 I decided to START something of my own. Start advising young companies with big ideas and great people. Start working on innovation projects. And start my own company … now known as Fingerprint Digital.

If you’d like to know more about me, you can reach me at nancymacintyre@yahoo.com

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