Thinking about Moms

I’ve been thinking a lot about Moms. Logical for a marketer, right? It turns out that Moms, and in fact women of all kinds are more connected than ever. Nielsen even coined the phrase “Power Moms” to describe this tech-savvy, blogging, social networking, web surfing person who uses technology for  just about everything.   On principle, I disagree with that name, since all Moms, by definition, are powerful, but that topic is  for another day.

My journey led me to check out all the new companies targeting this Power Mom. Moms who Blog. Moms who Tweet.  Moms who Text. Moms who create Online Communities. Moms who are Online CEOs from Home. Moms who Homeschool Online.  It was illuminating to see that even though I’ve been marketing to Moms my entire career and just spent 3 years working at LeapFrog for goodness sake,  even I wasn’t aware of the cottage industry that’s sprung up around moms online. My guess is that most marketers selling moms think they understand  “social marketing”, but a closer look tells me it’s still the wild west out there.   Here’s some things I like :    Twitter Moms …. reach over 20,000 influential twittering moms.   BlogAdvert …. reach all the mommy bloggers and their readers in any location,  Circle of Moms …. a social network of over 5MM Moms on Facebook,  MomsLikeMe …. a online community of local moms groups, Silicon Valley Moms Group …. a network of mommy bloggers in big cities all over the US, CafeMom …. a fun oriented mom community . The big guys like BabyCenter, Parents, and Parenting also do a good job and have huge audiences, but I personally found the community engagement better elsewhere  – and the accessibility whether through the web, facebook, or mobile really impressive.

It’s obvious that brands are really coming to the party. Not only are literally thousands of products reviewed  by bloggers, but the “brand integration” promotion is ubiquitous. Everyone’s doing it and a smart mom could really cash-in from coupons, promotions, contests, and retail tie-ins if they had the patience and Indiana Jones style tracking skills to put all the deals together.  I expect that the next big leap forward will tie online preferences + location + mobile + community together to provide marketers with the opportunity to serve up  targeted mobile  ads directly to Mom as she strolls through Target or Safeway – knowing whether she’s from Chicago or Miami and prefers ice cream or hot cocoa.   It’s a good time to be a Mom, power or otherwise. And an even better time to be a marketer.

4 thoughts on “Thinking about Moms

  1. Hi Nancy – it’s been a while but I stumbled upon this post after reconnecting with some folks at LeapFrog on Linked In. I wholeheartedly agree with this post. I wasn’t a mom while working at LeapFrog but now that I am, the world looks quite different.

    • Hey Tawana,

      Check out Alphabuyers blog, it’s called Social Commerce and it’s at

      Our website is just about up, but you can get us on facebook too. We’re out to help you buy things more efficiently and with less over spending. Call it a crash coarse in making this a more mommy-friendly world. The internet is an amazing thing, isn’t it?

      Thanks, can’t wait to hear from you!

  2. Hi Nancy….

    Great post. Would love for you to check out, a light-weight online coordination tool built from the ground up for parents!

    It is amazing to see the organizational magnitude of some of the things that moms are doing on our site, using Jooners’ sign up sheets.

    Here is an example of a school garage sale for raising funds for Haiti:

    Would love to chat.
    Tina Berger

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